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5 artists who need to drop a new project


2018 has been musically exciting for the Nigerian audience with quite a solid output of projects and many more already announced to be out before the end of the year. From A-list acts to budding talents, music has been in abundant supply under whatsoever guise of EP, mixtape or LP and the fans have thoroughly consumed it making this one of the most memorable years in the history of the industry. However, of the lot, there have been a few who are withholding their music from their fans, despite some even promising projects previously. Here are five artists who owe us new projects immediately Timi Dakolo Even though he has announced that he will be releasing a new album anytime soon titled, ”Love and Consequences” » , Timi Dakolo needs to drop this immediately and maybe also make it a double album. For an artist who introduced himself to the Nigerian audience in 2007 emerging as the winner of the inaugural season of Idols West Africa , it is quite startling to realise that Timi has only one project to his name, ”Beautiful Noise” released far back as in 2011. The debut album was magical with iconic anthems like ‘Great Nation’ and ‘Heaven Please’ . Since then, Timi Dakolo has been stingy with projects delivering only stellar singles year in and out. The time is now and we just can’t wait any longer. Tekno Tekno has won our hearts with countless hit singles over the years. From 2013 when he released ‘Holiday’ , Tekno was immediately in the conversation as one to watch out for and this he continued strongly with commercial successes like ‘Duro’, ‘Pana’, ‘Rara’, ‘Jogodo’ and ‘Choko’ . However, Tekno still does not have a full length body of work for his fans to vibe to, even though he hinted at one in July » . An album is important in sealing the legacy of an artist, whether commercially viable or not and after much delay for reasons uncertain, Tekno really needs to let this album out, it is way overdue. Asa The last time the diva blessed us with a body of work was in 2014, when she released her third studio project, ”Bed of Stone” » , which had singles like ‘Satan Be Gone’ , ‘Bed of Stone’ and ‘Eyo’ . From two projects in four years, [Beautiful Imperfection (2010) and Bed of Stone (2014)], Asa has now gone four years without an album and very few singles and her fans are crying out for new music. Chidinma The darling of the music industry a few years back and winner of the third season of Project Fame West Africa in 2010, Chidinma Ekile has avoided us long enough. Since the release of her eponymously titled debut effort ”Chidinma” in 2012, the petite singer has not been on the radar as much as her talent and beauty deserves. Chidinma has had a few features and scored a number of mild hits but there has been nothing concrete from her of late relating to her music and the time is right for her to serve us with new music. Cynthia Morgan The Nigerian music industry is a really tough ground, especially for female artists, hence it often happens to see a number of female artists calling it a day after at best one album to their name. For Cynthia Morgan, she has single-handedly owned the dancehall scene for some years now. She made her introduction off the back of Jhybo ‘s ‘Ejo le fe ro’ wayback 2010 and has consistently released solid singles and features over the years like, ‘Lead Me On’, ‘I’m Taken’, ‘German Juice’, ‘Simati Niya’ and more, winning several awards along the line as well as a truckload of controversies. Cynthia hardly goes wrong on a record, then sometime last year she went silent and resurfaced under a new stage name ‘Madrina’ on the single, ‘Billion Dollar Woman’ » in May. For the culture, Cynthia Morgan needs to drop that project.]]>


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