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Alternative Ways To Make Money With Your Blog Apart From Google Adsense


Lots of people got their google adsense account suspended in the last couple of weeks due to reasons best known to google and google alone. Most of these people claimed they did nothing wrong and stuck to the rules and just wondered why google went on a banning spree without taking anyone’s feeling into consideration. Taking a closer look, I found out most of these suspended accounts were opened in the last two to three months and some through fixya. Most of these people got an email saying they their adsense account had to be disabled so as to protect advertisers and this type of email is often related to click fraud. Some of these people haven’t even earned any reasonable amount yet and I know a couple of the victims who couldn’t have done anything of such. That actually got me wondering what actually went wrong. It’s not surprising though because I got my google admob suspended about two months ago despite sticking to the rules for two whole years. The main reason behind that was because Google Admob was moving over to Google Adsense for mobile and many publishers like me got their accounts suspended without a valid reason. It’s even more baffling that some of those who got their account suspended re-applied using the same email and same blog and got re-enrolled into the adsense program. This raises the question whether most of those suspended account happened by mistake or something. Google adsense is one of the easiest way to monetize your blog but it’s definitely not the only way. There are alternatives to google adsense to make money from your blog.

1. Using alternative advertisers: There are many other advertising companies out there like google adsense. The simple truth is just that I don’t think they pay as much as google adsense does. These other advertisers too also offer contexual ads like google adsense and you might want to try them out. Some of the top rated include: i. Bidvertiser ii. Chitika iii. Adbrite iv. Clicksor v. Kontera vi. Infolinks vii. Pocket Cents viii. Exit juction ix. Dynamic oxygen x. Adbull Some of these are also as good as google adsense and you can get a even more detailed information about each of them here. 2. Selling Advertising Spaces On Your Blog: You might not realize it but some of your visitors are actually in love with your site and wouldn’t mind advertising their product with you. Selling advertising spaces on your blog is one of the easiest way to convert your traffic to dollars without doing much. All you need to do is to let your visitors know you sell advertising spaces and you will get good offers especially if you command a reasonable amount of traffic and you’ve already worked on your page rank. Create an advertising page and let create awareness by making advertising banners visible in good positions.
3. Affiliate Marketing Programs With affiliate programs, you can make even more than you can ever make from google adsense but this depends largely on the category of vistors you get. An affiliate program such as the hostgator affilitate program can fetch you up to $2000 in a month. There are other affiliate programs you can use on your blog. If you’re on blogger, click on the monetize tab and sign up for an amazon associate account. With this, you can receive a commision for every product sold on your site. 4. Selling E-books I’m pretty sure you have a clear idea on what you blog about, right? Have you ever thought that gathering your ideas into a .pdf file can be a major source of income? Most of your blog visitors believe in you and that’s the reason they comment on your posts, subscribe to your rss feed and share your articles. Offering them a comprehensive e-book for some amount can be just another way to make money from your blog. 5. Sponsored Posts I was surprised the first day I got an email from someone asking me to write a blog post about their product and I would be compensated. I actually didn’t know writing a sponsored post could be a way to monetize my blog until that day. I wrote the post since it fell into my blog’s niche and had some dollars flowing into my paypal account. Writing sponsored post can be another major way to monetize your blog traffic and you should create awareness about this. Let your visitors know you can write for them but you have have developed your writing skills to a certain level before getting this kind of offer. Your traffic too must be reasonably too. 6. Donations If you’re having a site that dishes out free information that’s extremely helpful, a couple of your visitors might be willing to donate some money to you through paypal. Although most people wouldn’t do this, I still believe one or two people would deem it fit to reward your for your hard work. 7. Consultation And Other Related Services Depending on your niche, you can offer consultation to your visitors. This can be personal but you have to make it clear that you can be consulted personally to solve their problems for a fee. I guess you can see a Hire Me link at the header of this blog.
8. Selling Your Blog As a last option, you can sell your blog. There are other ways to make money from your blog and each of the list there can be expanded. Google adsense is still the easiest and in case your account got suspended, there are ways to get back in the program. This will discussed in one of my future posts.]]>


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