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Nigerians Will Have to Travel to Other Countries to Eat If Buhari Wins- Fayose


Ayodele Fayose, the immediate past governor of Ekiti state has predicted that Nigerians would starve if Buhari is elected for a second term. The charismatic former governor said that Nigerians would be forced to run to other countries just to feed. Fayose said: “Today, Nigeria has become the ‘Poverty Capital’ of the world. God forbid, a Buhari’s second term will turn Nigeria to a republic of poverty where people will be running to other neighboring countries to feed. PDP must therefore work very hard to save the country from going down completely.”
Fayose had also criticised Buhari earlier, telling him to stop complaining. This was in response to a statement by the President in which he said he “inherited a mind boggling mismanaged Nigeria,” Fayose in response had said:“it is no longer funny that a president who assumed office three and half years ago is still complaining about how he met the country instead of Nigerians having feelings of how well he has solved the problems he claimed that he had capacity to solve.
“He should stop singing the same song of lamentation that he has been singing since 2015 and learn from his colleague in Ghana, who hit the ground running immediately he assumed office.”


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