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"Once Upon A Deadpool" Plot Was Tweeted By A Fan A Year Ago


Once Upon A Deadpool is touching down this Christmas as a PG-13 version of the crude sequel film. Ryan Reynolds had the idea to kidnap Fred Savage, and read him the Deadpool 2 film in a Princess Bride-esque narration. Savage starred in the classic film as a sick child whose father reads him a bedtime story that narrates the film. It appears that a Deadpool fan tweeted out that same exact idea last year though. “@VancityReynolds If Marvel forces you to make a PG-13 Deadpool, just copy the framing device from The Princess Bride and have Deadpool censoring it for Fred Savage as a bedtime story,” tweeted MVBramley. “A kidnapped adult Fred Savage. There, I fixed it.” His tweet is dated December 7, 2017. “Sooo… I tweeted the exact plot of the new ‘Once Upon A Deadpool’ PG version of #Deadpool2 at Ryan Reynolds almost a year ago and it somehow wound up in a movie without me knowing,” tweeted MVBramley on Tuesday (November 20). https://twitter.com/MVBramley/status/938767424291262465 https://twitter.com/MVBramley/status/1065072785561722880]]>


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