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See What Was Done To A Rapist Who Tore Girl’s Private Part In Lagos


The suspected rapist was brutally punished by public flogging which left him with serious injuries. It was gathered that the young victim suffered bruises and tear in her private part after the act by the rapist. The girl couldn’t talk or eat after being raped as she was taken to the hospital for treatment.

It was also disclosed that the rapist was summoned by the community leaders who forced him to confess and also accept his punishments, one of which was to make a public apology in the village square. The elders urged an aggrieved group not to involve the police because their community is steeped in culture and tradition. They promised to deal with the suspect in their own way, which was done today after the rape incident that happened four weeks ago. Report has it that the victim has undergone series of counselling sessions and is participating better in class.]]>


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