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Tips to Improve the Camera Performance of Your Phone


What’s great about today’s smartphones is that these are handy and work like a DSLR. These powerful devices come with functionalities like a high-resolution, image stabilization, autofocus, and flash that make pictures gorgeous while portraying your best side. Unfortunately, some of us fail to use our smartphones to the full extent and settle down with low-quality pictures incorporated with blur and lack of color composition. If you also feel that you are not able to utilize your camera to its full extent, here are some quirky ways that can make you the camera king while delivering you with extreme quality pictures that are worthy of adoration.

Explore the phone’s camera settings

First of all for better and clean pictures, you should scroll through your phone’s camera settings. Most of the times, these camera settings are designed as the default for catching some good shots in normal condition but may not perform as expected when put to extreme situations. For example, if you are in a place that lacks adequate lighting, you should select the night mode functionality. Other distinct features normally found in the camera settings that can boom the image quality are white balance, brightness, exposure and focus.   There are also some modes which by default are designed to take good photos in a specific condition like outdoors or mountains. According to the type of image you are about to click, you can choose these modes for optimal image deliveries.

Curtail all chances of blur

Image blur is the worst thing that can happen to your picture. This blur can happen due to low shutter speed and more movement of the hand. You should always use the phone’s camera with auto image stabilization to keep any sort of blur at bay. If your phone lacks in image stabilization functionality, then you can use some external devices like camera gimble to sustain the stability at its peak.

Put your digital zoom on hold

Only a true optical zoom lens can portray the real quality of a subject. Digital zoom might feel much easier to capture an image as you don’t have to focus again and again. But if you are in the hunt for true and clear pictures, then you should do away with digital zoom and move closer to your subject instead.

Camera apps can be your true partner

Sometimes it’s neither your phone nor your fault that you are not able to capture the desired quality photos. Your camera can have multiple lenses and a high resolution but still perform poorly because the default camera app is built poorly. Thankfully, the app stores are flooded with tons of camera applications that can deliver the best quality and help you create the perfect moments. You can download applications that can append some blends to the images you are about to click and increase the image quality tremendously. Some of these applications even have the functionalities to add real-life filters to the background of the picture which is hard to find in the stock camera options.

Show some skills with White Balance

As we mentioned before, most of the cameras on smartphones come with an in-built functionality to auto-adjust white balance according to the lighting conditions but they are far from accurate most of the time. The white balance in a photo is one of the most essential components and wrong use of this option can lead to disastrous clicks.
But at the same time, by experimenting with this feature and getting a hold of it, you can capture some stunning images even if you have a camera with a low pixel resolution. Try to set the white balance at each setting, then experiment in various lighting conditions. This will help you figure out the best setting for every lighting condition which further helps you in capturing stunning photos comparable to DSLRs with just your phone.

Wrap Up

Always set the image resolution to the highest in your camera options. This gives you the best quality possible and also helps if you intend to crop the image. However, you should keep in mind that higher resolution images take more space. With all the other tips above put into practice, you should start taking great images using just your smartphone.   Source: Geek.ng]]>


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