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Top 15 Most Influential Bloggers in South Africa 2.5k


Not too long ago, we featured a list of the top South African travel blogs to follow. Today, we are expanding our showcase to include not only travel bloggers, but also lifestyle and food bloggers. Whether you are looking for some fresh inspiration on what to do, where to go, where to eat (and what to eat), what to experience and what else is worth exploring, have a look at our list of influential, inspiring bloggers in South Africa.

Influential Bloggers in South Africa

Our list has something for just about everyone. Whatever you are seeking – lifestyle tips and guides, product reviews, game lodge reviews, travel tips or ideas on what to see and do on holiday, these bloggers in South Africa have you covered…

South African Lifestyle Bloggers

 Top 15 Most Influential Bloggers in South Africa - Lifestyle Bloggers These South African lifestyle bloggers offer a wide variety of insight into everything from places to go to things to see, shops to try, food to savour, and experiences to enjoy. In no particular order, our top picks for lifestyle bloggers in South Africa include the following: 1/ Fiona Rossiter, Inspired Living.  Blogging over at www.inspiredlivingsa.co.za, Fiona covers a wide range of topics, from food and wine to travel, accommodation, decor, beauty and everything in between. Based in Cape Town, her blog has a varied target market across ages, genders and locations. 2/ Meg Sproat, Boring Cape Town Chick. Anything but boring, Meg’s blog can be found at www.boringcapetownchick.com. She covers a wide range of topics, ranging from food to travel, events, activities, and everything in between. 3/ Kathryn Rossiter, Becoming You. On her blog, which is found at www.becomingyou.co.za, Kathryn features a wide range of topics relating to travel, lifestyle and inspiration. As a mom and women, her blog speaks to the modern woman through informative, inspiring content. 4/ Kim Gray. Kim Gray, blogging at Kimgray.co.za, covers a wide range of topics, from beauty to game reserves, shops and attractions. Originally from Cape Town and now living in Dublin, Cape Town still plays a large focus on Kim’s beautifully curated blog. 5/ Liezel, 9Lives. South African lifestyle blogger Liezel shares her adventures and experiences on 9Lives.co.za – a blog dedicated to travel, food, wellness, relaxation, beauty and style. Topics are inspiring and interesting, offering a range of tips on where to go and what to do.

South African Travel Bloggers

 Top 15 Most Influential Bloggers in South Africa - Travel Bloggers Our list of South African travel bloggers meanwhile offers a selection of writers that celebrate all things travel related. Whether covering local travel experiences here in South Africa, or heading further abroad to share their stories, tips and activities, these bloggers are a must-read for anyone with itchy feet: 6/ Kate Els, IndiKate. On her blog, found at indikate.net, Kate shares a wide range of travel related tips, ideas and inspiring stories. Along with travel stories, she also features food and wine experiences, activities and assorted other topics relating to South Africa and abroad. 7/ Natalie Roos, Tails of a Mermaid. Natalie’s blog, tailsofamermaid.com, has won a number of awards. Focusing on a wide range of travel and food experiences, mostly in South Africa but also abroad, Natalie injects plenty of heart into her adventures. 8/ Lydia Afonso, Greenlydia. Also known as The Average Traveller, Lydia can be found over www.greenlydia.co.za. A Cape Town native turned Joburger, Lydia covers a wide range of travel related topics, including food, wine , craft beer, local history and stories. 9/ Lauren and Vaughan McShane, The Travel Manuel. A play on Lauren’s maiden name, thetravelmanuel.com is a husband and wife South African travel blog dedicated to fun, inspiring adventures both in South Africa and further afield. A number of their stories and photos can be enjoyed on their blog. 10/ Noxolo Kapela, BlackCaseGirl. Noxolo Kapela, aka BlackCaseGirl, blogs at www.blackcasegirl.co.za. Her aim is to inspire, influence and encourage people to travel beyond their horizon, expand limitations and ultimately, enrich their lives in the process.

South African Food Bloggers

Top 15 Most Influential Bloggers in South Africa - Food Bloggers These South African food bloggers will have you daydreaming about heavenly food, the best restaurants in Cape Town and the rest of the country, off-beat flavours and one of a kind food pairings. Whether you see yourself as a serious foodie, or simply someone who enjoys tinkering in the kitchen, these blogs are well worth a read. Some of our top picks for food blogs include the following: 11/ Sam Linsell, Drizzle & Dip. Essentially, Drizzle & Dip is a food, recipe and travel blog. Found at drizzleanddip.com, this blog has won a number of awards in its time. As a professional food stylist, recipe developer and food photographer, it goes without saying that Sam knows her stuff. 12/ Kamini Pather. Blogging over at kaminilikeharmony.com, 2013 MasterChef SA winner Kamini (harmony with a K) is one of the country’s quirkiest, most creative chefs. Her blog is a mixture of recipes and lifestyle posts and personal anecdotes. 13/ Ilse van der Merwe, The Food Fox. Winner of the Fairlady Best Food Blogger 2014 award, Ilse van der Merwe has a passion for food, cooking and dining out. Her blog, which is found over at thefoodfox.com, features a wide range of tantalising recipes and dishes. 14/ Sarah Graham, A Foodie Lives Here. Creator of Bitten, Sarah Graham is a major South African foodie who shares her delectable recipes on her blog at afoodieliveshere.co.za. These recipes include a wide range of dishes for lunches, dinners and any other occasion. 15/ Various Writers, Food Blog Cape Town. Found at www.food-blog.co.za, Food Blog Cape Town features various writers, restaurants, events and specials. This is a good place to find information and reviews on Cape Town restaurants across the city.]]>


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