a just say, why couldn’t you follow in my footsteps and be a dancer?” laughs a high-ass Tory, who seemingly can’t believe his ears. “I’m confused. It’s bad enough that you a light-skin, pretty boy ass na but don’t come here talking about how you was a dancer before we pull up the fun facts on your dumbass.” Suffice it to say, Tory was hardly impressed, taking a moment to encourage Joyner to do better. “I just want to hand you this fat ass L that you have taken today, Lucas Joyner,” says Tory. “What you should have done, to be a buck with you…It was a showcase at first.” Citing his “Lucky You” freestyle, Tory emphasizes that no disses were said; in his mind, his “Lucky You” freestyle was a direct response to Joyner’s own “Lucky You.” He proceeds to address their “Litty” duel, in which Tory securely proclaims the win (in fairness, “Litty Again” was a notable highlight). “It’s crazy,” reflects Tory. “I dissed your pops music career, I said he had a failed music career he gave to his son, I came for your personal life, I came for your city…You came back with things that weren’t facts.”


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