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The voice of the man could be heard at the gate as the house helps listened, at the same time, pretending to be occupied with their chores.

“You’re too lazy, what’s wrong in waking up early to prepare me a decent meal? I go out every morning and come back late because I’m struggling to keep this family in line with whatever is in vogue, all I expect is your loyalty and submission but no, you lie in bed and ask the maids to prepare my meal and you know I don’t like it.”

Claire didn’t say a word. She was battling with morning sickness and she doesn’t even know why. She suddenly has the urge to throw up at the smell of food, she feels weak each morning or is it the saliva that has started forming a lake in her mouth. She watched her husband shout, he deserved to be angry. For the two years they’ve been married, she’d singlehandedly prepared all his meals, he doesn’t eat out except snacks so she gives him breakfast, takes his lunch to his office and then makes dinner before he returns. She only goes to her mall during the weekend when she gets new supplies. She left the mall in the care of her younger sister who just graduated from ANSU last year.

Her marriage has been perfect until she started feeling strange two weeks ago so she understood that Michael, her sweet husband has the right to be angry.
“You can lie in bed all day if you want but I’m not eating that food. Don’t make me eat out because if I do, Claire Njama if I eat out, you won’t like it.”

Claire sat up at once, she tried to speak but her mouth was filled with saliva so she ran into the bathroom, washed her mouth and came out, only to meet him about leaving the room.

“Baby, I’m sorry okay, I’ve not been feeling too good and ….”
“That’s what you’ve been saying for two weeks now Claire. If you’re tired of being my wife, tell me.” Michael interrupted angrily.
“I love you Michael and I won’t get tired of performing my duties but look at me nau. You know I’m not like this biko.’
Michael looked his wife over. She had added weight and he didn’t like it. Topping it, she’s started ignoring him. She must be seeing another man.
He hissed loudly, opened the door and walked out.

He went downstairs and walked to the dinning where he met Amara who was dishing out from a bowl of egg sauce. Beside her was a plate of white yam.
“Good morning bro Mike. How was your night?” She asked with face full of smile.
“Morning Amara. Who made that?” He asked eying the egg sauce which was so inviting, with the tiny pieces of liver he could see sleeping in it.

“Oh! I brought the sauce from the deep freezer, sister Claire must have made it sometime, then I boiled the yam”

He smiled and sat down, signalling to Amara to serve him. What is white yam? It doesn’t mean anything since its his wife that made the sauce. He finished it all,
just as Amara was about putting away her plate.

“You’re ready to leave for the mall right?”
“Yes bro Mike. I’ll just clear the dishes and leave immediately.”
“Alright. Hurry up so I can drop you”. He said, picking his briefcase and walking out.
Amara smiled. She was tired of trekking to the bus stand. Maybe if she wakes up early everyday, he would help her by dropping her at the mall which was in the centre of town.

She carried the plates to the kitchen where the house helps were gossiping and cleared her throat. They scampered to different corners of the kitchen.
“Its still not 9 and you’re already gossiping, useless things.”
She jammed the plates on one of the girl’s hand before dropping them and walking out.
“She is just a sister to madam and she’s like this, chukwu ekwekwala ihe ojoo (God forbid bad thing)”. One of the girls said
“Upon say she fine like this” another one added.

“Beautiful girls are the ones with the disgusting attitudes”. Gertrude, the head maid said. ” let’s just go back to work, she’s not worth the time”.
Claire watched from the window as her husband and younger sister got into the car and drove off. He had taken time as she had been standing there since he walked out. Maybe he drank tea or was just waiting for Amara so he can drop her. She sighed and sat on the bed, bringing out her iPhone to send him a text.

“I’m sorry baby, tell me what you want for lunch and I’ll bring it to you okay, don’t be mad at me for long. I love you to the moon and back.”
She sent it and hoped for a reply. Tomorrow, she would go to the hospital and get some tests done. She won’t ruin her marriage because of some illness.
She laid on her back, hoping to get some rest only for her to fall asleep.
It was that bad.

Sarah watched her boss walk towards her, she stood up from her table, pushed up her heavy bosoms and wore her sexy smile. She was beautiful and she knew that, with her beautiful height, naturally fair skin, catty eyes, pointed nose, full lips, slim waist and wide hips, men drooled after her and she loved the attention. But no, she wanted her boss.

“Good morning Mr Micheal.” She greeted excitedly.
“Beautiful morning Sarah. How are you?” He asked, not stopping to look at his Secretary who’d started dressing provocatively this days.
“I’m good sir. I ……..”
But he was already inside his office, closing the door behind him

She hissed and went back to her desk in frustration. She occupied the open office with the other secretaries who worked for the manager and his deputy. She was aware both secretaries were screwing their bosses but why won’t her own boss even look at her?
He owned the company and had the major share in it, he had the right to do whatever pleases him.

She hissed again and started emailing him his appointment for the day. After she sent the last folder, an idea struck her. She must do this before the other girls comes upstairs.

“Oh Michael, you’ll regret not coming to me yourself, I promise.”
She stood up and walked to the restroom.
Michael sat in his huge office, basking in his own thought. He was confused over what was happening to his marriage. He picked his phone and called his best friend, Kelvin.
“The boss” Kelvin greeted from the other end.

“Oshey. How far nah, you just bone my side, thought we are into this together?”
“Forever my brother. Work has tied me down here but wait, you don’t sound good, what’s the problem?
Michael hissed, rubbing his head, an action he always did without knowing whenever he was down.

” Claire has changed. I think she’s seeing someone else.”
There was silence at the other end, then a hilarious laughter. Kelvin was laughing and he wasn’t doing it nicely.
“Kelvin!” Michael barked
“Chai! No vex abeg but are you sure you’re okay? How can you say that? Claire that I know will never look at another man. You married her a virgin dude so why have doubts about her? How sure am I that you ain’t the one who’s gone astray?”
“Get something here, she’s no longer that Claire you used to know. She no longer cooks for me, she denies me sex, she always pretends to be sick and then again, she’s getting fat. You know I don’t like flesh women.”

Kelvin breathed out, not knowing what to say at the revelation of his friend.
“Alright chill, I’ll spend this weekend with you two. Don’t let it get to you alright? There must be a solution to whatever that’s happening in your home.”
“Thanks bro. I appreciate your concern.”
“Come on, you’ve done more than this for me. I’ll get back to you later, Chief is calling me.”

“Say hi to him on my behalf.”
They ended the call and Michael heaved a sigh of relief. Kelvin was his everything. Kelvin’s father (Chief) had picked him up after his parents died and took care of him like his own child. He helped him rebuild his father’s business empire. He owed his life to Kelvin and his dad. As the thought of why Kelvin isn’t married yet raced his mind, a gentle tap at the door got his attention.

“Come in”. He said, looking at the door expectantly.
Sarah opened the door slightly, a tray containing a coffee mug led the way before the sexy secretary popped in her head, followed by the rest of her body.
Micheal watched as she catwalked to his table, her nipples poking at the thin chiffon top she was wearing. It was a white shirt so it left nothing hidden to the eyes. Her firm breast bounced a little as she walked to his table, giving him her sincere smile.

” Damn!” Micheal cursed loudly as she lowered the tray on the table, feeding him more of her mounds. He felt a stir in his loins and he shifted uncomfortably.
She professionally poured iced coffee into his cup, adding a spoon of sugar and looking at him for reactions.
“Do I add more sir?” She asked, following his eyes which were relaxed on her weapon of mass destruction.

“Sir?” She repeated, this time, more seductive than the previous tone.
“Uhm! Yes yes. I …..” He stammered
Yes! It was working. She lifted the cup and faced him, looking him straight in the eyes.
He reluctantly brought out his hand to receive the cup but missed, spilling the entire content on his down region.
“God damn it!” He cursed while she ran to his side of the table, picking up serviettes from the table and dabbing his groin region, feeling his e*ect!on and gently rubbing it.
This was going to be way easier than she thought.

…….EPISODE 3……
Claire clicked the send icon on her phone and waited. She would do anything to keep her marriage and the first thing on her todo list was booking an appointment with their family doctor who was her husband’s friend.
Her phone rang the next minute and she picked it without thinking twice.
“Good morning Doctor James, sorry for disturbing you.”
“It’s nothing Claire. Your message got me worried, what’s the problem?” The sexy baritone voice said from the other end.
“I’m sick doctor and I’m afraid this illness is at the verge of breaking my marriage.”
“That’s not possible. Have you been tested? Have you ran any test to diagnose the problem?”
“Not yet doc, that’s why I’m calling you.”
“You did well. Come to the hospital tomorrow and I’ll have you checked out. But at the mean time, fight whatever it is that’s wrong with you okay?”
Claire heaved a sigh and thanked the young doctor before disconnecting the call. She dropped her phone on the dressing table and headed downstairs. She was going to make lunch for her husband and this illness won’t stop her. She got to the kitchen, picked up bitter cola from the jar, peeled the back and threw it into her mouth. She heard it stops people from throwing up. She didn’t mind the bitter taste as she chewed, anything to keep her heartthrob happy.
She rubbed his er€ction, this time, letting him know she was doing this on purpose
“Hmmm. Sarah.” He moaned
“Sshhh, let me take care of you my love.” She unhooked his belt, slowing unzipping his trouser and giving him her best sultry look.

He closed his eyes as soon as her hand gripped his huge member, bringing it out of its safe abode and stroking it gently.
“I’ll take you to a place where your wife doesn’t know. You’ll have no choice but to keep coming to me.” She whispered to his ears, opening the buttons of her shirt and exposing her big melons. Her trip to the restroom was to remove her bra and gstring. She would make sure he doesn’t come out of this one.

“Look at me.” She said, using a finger to draw circles around her giant n!pples.
Micheal slowly opened his eyes and was marvelled at the sight before him.

He forcefully pulled her down to him, taking the left tip in his mouth and having the suckle of his life.
A moan escaped Sarah’s lips and she clenched her teeth to stiffle it. Micheal was a gentleman to the core but right now, with the way he was feeding from her melons and working his finger into her skirt, he was no longer the gentleman everyone knew.

He found his way into her thighs and forcefully inserted a finger into her wet glory, then another finger, stroking so fast and hard that Sarah couldn’t scream. Her eyes were wide open in shock and ecstasy while her mouth formed an “o”.
As quick as lightening, he carried her to the couch, pulled down his trouser and boxers and was about pummeling into her when a knock came.

“Fu©k!” He screamed, looking at Sarah who was on the point of tears. Who would ruin this moment for her? She was close to her orgasm and also closer to getting Micheal as her man.
She quickly stood up and started arranging herself while micheal pulled his properties up and went back to his position.
Sarah opened the blinds and turned the air con to the highest before settling down on the couch away from her boss.

The knock came again and this time, Micheal asked whoever it was in, his face in a tight frown.
The accountant walked into the office holding a huge file.
“Good morning sir.” The young man greeted
“And what is good about this morning Evan?” Micheal barked.

The young man’s smile disappeared immediately. What was wrong with the boss, he had never talked to anyone in that tone before.
“Evan I repeat, what’s good about this morning?”
“I’m sorry sir but you asked me to bring this to you while we were at the elevator before I dropped on my floor. I’m sorry if I’m late.”
Micheal suddenly felt guilty. He had used the general elevator instead of his personal one because he wanted to interact with his workers. Evan was the youngest male in his company and he had liked the boy the moment he had seen him. This morning, they had chatted like brothers and look how he ruined the boy’s day because he wanted to cheat on his wife.

“Uhm, you both should get out now. Evans, bring them after lunch. This isn’t a good time for me okay?”
The boy’s smile returned. He thanked his boss and left the office. Sarah still sat at the couch, looking expectantly.
“I don’t know why you’re still there but didn’t I just dismiss you and Evan? He’s gone so why are you still there?” He asked, avoiding her gaze.
“I, we …..” She stammered
“Get out, just get out.”

Tears filled her eyes as she stood up and headed for the door, leaving the office and closing the door behind her. She leaned on it and let the tears fall. He wasn’t a nice man after all. Why would he talk to her like that after the moment they had just shared? He is mean.

She heard footsteps and knew the other girls were close. She picked her handbag and ran tp the restroom. She had to fix herself so they wont suspect a thing.
By the time she was back, she looked the professional secretary again, she greeted the girls and walked to her table only for her to get a text message on her office line, “you forgot the mig and cup, this time, make sure you’re decent enough to walk in here.”

Anger washed over her as she dropped her bag and made for her bosses’ office.
Claire drove into the complex in her venza, a gift from Micheal last two months. She parked at her husband’s space and came down from the car, opening the back door to bring out the lunch box and shutting the car.
She was dressed in a blue peplon gown whose back was longer, matching it with a silver heel and silver MK handbag.
Her makeup was top notch, just the way her husband loved it.
She wore her usual smile and entered the building, receiving pleasant greeting from everyone she met before going into the elevator. She whipped her phone out and took a selfie which she sent to her husband immediately with the caption, “guess who’s coming?”
The elevator stopped on the sixth floor and she got out, stepping into the hall where the three secretaries stayed
Sarah saw her coming and a knot began to form in her throat. Now, she clearly saw why Micheal never looked at her twice.
Claire is an exceptional woman, full of beauty and brains too. She makes heads turn wherever she goes and she saw knows how to flaunt her beauty.

She was chocolate in complexion, more than average in height, her eyes, nose, lips, brows and lashes looked like they weren’t natural but no, God had created her in His likeness, taking as much time as possible. Her voice was angelic and to crown it all, she was wearing his ring, for better for worse.
“Hi Sarah dear. You look troubled.” Claire greeted after she had spoken with the other two girls.
“Sorry ma’am. I’m sick.”
“And you’re here, you should take care of your health Sarah. Please”
“Alright madam. Thanks.”
“You’re welcome. Let me go to my husband then. I’m sure he needs me now.”
In as much as Sarah wanted to scream, in as much as she wanted to tell her how close she was in getting screwed by her husband, she just gave out a smile and a little nod while the beauty goddess disappeared into the office of HER MAN.

She cursed under her breath and sat down, deciding to think up another strategy and praying no stupid accountant ruins her moment.
Micheal couldn’t wait for his wife to come to him. She looked so beautiful he felt like eating her from his phone.
Immediately the door opened and she walked in,locking the door behind her, he regretted shouting on her that morning.

She walked gracefully and sensously towards his table, stopping at the centre of the room to drop her handbag and lunch box on top of the centre table before continuing her majestic seduction to him.
“Damn! She’s a natural.” He acknowledged.
She got to him, tugged at his tie forcefully, making him standup and facing her.
Yes! This was the wife he married.
There lips came crashing, followed by roaming hands, pulling at each other’s clothes and not stopping till material after material hit the ground and they were left in their birthday suits.

He wanted to take her to the couch but no, his stupid secretary had defiled it so he turned her to face the table, seperated her legs and with a gentle thrust, slid into her, their moans, filling the office.


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