Clair woke up with a heavy bang on her head and body pains. She had found herself on the floor with an empty bottle of vodka. She hissed and drew her cupboard for pain killers. She won’t be able to go to the plaza today. She looked at the wall clock and it was just 6;28am. She needed something hot and she hoped Gertrude and the girls were already up.
“Good morning madam.” One of the helpers greeted as soon as she came down.
“Morning my dear. Where’s Gertrude?” She stifled a yawn
“In the kitchen madam.”
Claire nodded and matched to the kitchen. She felt like throwing up her entire system. She ran back to her room, closing the door with a loud bang.
He woke up. Who could be banging the door so early this morning. He looked around and felt lost. Pink and white wall, teddy bears around, feminine smell and Jesus Lord, he was [email protected] He looked at the figure lying beside him and he almost screamed. Amara.
Memories of last night came rushing to his head and he hated himself. Her face was swollen, like someone who escaped jungle justice. How would he explain this to Claire and Micheal?
He began to dress up, picking his properties from different corners of the room. He looked at her one more time, checked her temperature and slipped out of the room. She was running a fever.
She felt someone touch her neck. He was awake already. She watched him leave through the corner of her eyes and her eyes turned misty. Last night had been great. He was a good man who loved trying out new things and so was she. But why? Wasn’t she good enough? He had told her she has a nice body, so why would he mention someone else’s name when he reached his climax? It meant one thing, he was either crushing on her or they both are having an affair. She was beginning to like him but he didn’t feel anything for her, he had her sister in mind, he was in love with her sister.
She won’t take that. Her boyfriend had cheated on her after everything she had done for him. Now, her sister wants to cheat her too? She won’t let that happen. If she won’t have Kelvin, none of them will.
Gertrude rang the intercom, inviting everyone for breakfast. Micheal was not back yet.
Amara and Kelvin were the first to come down. She had showered and changed into a bum short and basket ball singlet. Kelvin couldn’t look at her in response to her greeting.
A short while after they came down, Claire joined them. She was shocked to see her sister in that condition.
“Jesus, Amara what happened to you? Who did this to you?” Claire asked going to her sister
“My boyfriend, I mean, my ex boyfriend.”
Both Claire and Kelvin were shocked.
“Is he crazy or something? He just messed with the wrong girl. I’ll make sure he rots in prison for a very long time.”
She started dialling the commissioner’s number. Amara expected that. She won’t let her ex go Scot free. He had been surviving through her. His apartment, his feeding and clothing allowance all came from her. He would pay for cheating on her and allowing that call girl slap her.
“Yes please, send your boys to the house please.” She heard her sister say.
Claire ended the call and turned to her sister.
“Tell me, what did you do? Did you cheat on him? Did you say anything?”
Imagine! A cheat asking me if I cheat too. What a funny world, Amara thought.
“Check your phone. I sent you a text telling you I would be going to his place. Only to get there to see him with this wretched excuse of a girl. She slapped me and when I retaliated, they did this to me.” She said, throwing a glance at Kelvin who was still tongue tied
“He won’t know what hit him. Have breakfast okay?”
Amara nodded and began to mix cornflakes in a bowl.
“Good morning Kelvin. You see what you men do to us eh?” Claire said, sitting beside her sister
“Morning Claire. But, don’t you think this guy acted out because he was drunk? Calling the police on him won’t change……..”
“Any man that does this to a woman, drunk or consciously doesn’t deserve mercy. Look at my sister’s face.”
Amara shot both of them heavy glances, she picked her bowl and excused herself. She couldn’t stand the pretence. They should look for a two year old to pretend to.
“She’s shaken by it. Men eh. What would you have?”
Kelvin weighed his options and settled for cornflakes. They ate in silence. Kelvin knew he had messed up and someone else was going to pay for his own crimes. He needed to speak with Amara before the police gets here.
“I’ll be upstairs.” Claire said, interrupting his thoughts.
“You won’t visit the plaza?”
“No. I’m not too strong myself. But just let me know if you need anything and you’re friend isn’t back yet.”
Kelvin nodded and watched her leave. She was filled with grace and elegance. What other men needed, Micheal had it in abundance and still has the guts to cheat. He shook his head and continued eating distractedly, thinking of the best way to approach the issue at hand.
“I knew you would come.” Amara said, bolting her door
They faced each other, it was moment of truth.
“I’m sorry for last night. I don’t recall all that happened but believe me, I’m sorry.”
“You don’t remember calling my sister’s name when you were cumming?”
Her words hit Kelvin hard.
“poo” he cursed
“So I need answers. What are you both up to? Same thing Micheal and his secretary are doing?”
“I know Kelvin so tell me.”
“Amara, your sister is a nice woman and I can’t bring myself to defile her home. I don’t have anything sexual to do with her. Outside what you see from the surface, there’s nothing inside.”

“Then why call her name? We were doing so well Kelvin. You were touching places no one has touched, I felt a connection with you, tell me.”
He held her but she pushed him off.
“Amara, I won’t lie to you…….”
“You’re lying. Why her name? I was the one who took the beatings from you, the lashes, tell me why she would be in your thoughts?”
“Because I see her as my goddess. She’s my goddess Amara that is why I respect her so much, that is why she’s always in my thought. I’m sorry Amara, for last night. I also felt that bond between us but now, I don’t know anymore. Think again about what you said about your boyfriend. Don’t let your heart mislead you because you’re hurting. Excuse me please.”
“Wait Kelvin.”
He paused in his track and turned to her.
“I’ll ask my sister not to involve the police if you’ll take me again this morning.”

Micheal opened the door. Everywhere was unusually quiet. Maybe they’ve gone to the plaza but her car was still in the garage. Whichever way, he was tired and needed rest. He went upstairs to the room he shared with his wife and it looked different. Something was amiss. He looked into the wardrobe and it hit him. His wife was gone. Her properties were no longer in the wardrobe. She has finally ran away with the guy she’s been seeing.
He angrily went down the stairs, his bile turning up his stomach.
“Gertrude!” He thundered
“What are you saying Amara? Last night was a mistake and………”
“And I want it to happen again. I understand you’ve got something for my sister but hey, I’ll satisfy you, make me your $lut, I’ll……” She said removing the basket ball singlet she was wearing to reveal her melons.
He looked away, afraid of getting carried away by her beautiful body.
“You want this don’t you?”
“Amara stop this nonsense.”
“Don’t call it. Don’t you dare. Last night when you had me on this bed, when you were grunting with your manhood in between my thighs, it wasn’t nonsense to you huh? So what are you doing here? Leave my sister to make another one pay for your crime, Mr bdsm.”
He looked at her with disdain and all he felt for her the moment he came into the house disappeared. This wasn’t the innocent Amara he had seen a wife in, he hated himself for getting drunk out of Michael’s stupidity.
“You should leave my room now please.”
They both heard the noise from downstairs. Micheal was back.
“Gertrude!” His voice rang out from downstairs
“Please leave now Kelvin.”
“Meet me at Top rank hotel. Call me when you’re there but please, stop your sister from arresting an innocent man.” He said and left the room.
“Good morning sir.” Gertrude greeted
“Where’s my wife? Couldn’t you call me to inform me that she was leaving the house?”
“But sir?….”
“Shut up. Bunch of useless things.”
He took out his phone to call Claire.
“Mike, why are you making noise the very moment you stepped in? This house has been quiet and peaceful since last night.” Kelvin said, picking the car key from the table
“My wife has left the house and you’re asking me not to make noise?”
If he were not in a different mood, he would have laughed him to scorn
“The Claire I had breakfast with or your new mistress? Excuse me.” Kelvin said and walked out
“Sir, madam just changed her room. She said the doctor…….”
“Get lost.”
He ran up the stairs, brushing past Amara who was dressed in a hood. He stood in front of Claire’s room. She would give him reasons why sge moved out of their matrimonial room.
He opened the door without knocking and was surprised to find her sleeping. She looked different. He walked into the room and sat on the bed, looking at her with concern.
If only she’d not changed, if only she wasn’t seeing someone else, they would be happy together now.
Why would she leave their room? Why? If not that someone else was screwing her, why would she distance herself from him?
He tapped her and she opened her eyes, surprised to see him. She slowly sat up.
“Good morning honey. I didn’t know you were back.”
“Obviously. I want us to talk.”
“Is there a problem? Tell me.” She said, sitting properly.
He heaved a sigh, calming his nerves.
“Why did you leave our room?”
“Oh! I’m sorry I didn’t tell you my love but you see, the miscarriage……….”
“You don’t use that as an excuse Claire. Women who give birth still share same bed with their husbands, so why is your case different? Tell me, are you seeing someone?”
His question rang a bell in her ears. She couldn’t believe it. Why would he ask her that question?
“Answer me now. Who’s he?” He said angrily, standing up with a heavy heart.
She too stood up and faced him.
“What nonsense Mike, are you accusing me of infidelity? Are you?”
“Yes I am. You are tired of seeing my face every morning, you’re tired of me touching you, you’ve gotten a replacement so go ahead and tell me who he is.”
“Wow! Unbelievable. But I refuse to answer that question. If you so believe that I’m seeing someone else, its fine but let me be Micheal, let me have some peace and quiet.”
And that was all it took to start raining slaps and punches on her. Worst case scenerio, there was nobody to stop him.

Phil was worried. He’d been calling her number since morning but she wasn’t picking. He had gone to the plaza but the employees reported that the two madams have not reported to work. He was now driving back to his office but traffic was top notch. A molue bus had fallen, blocking the single lane. They had to wait for a tow van or maybe get comfortable. He chose to be comfortable, letting the air con cool his already worried nerves.
“Yes. Oh yes. Harder! Pummel that kitten baby! Fu©k!”
Amara’s screams could be heard from the corridor of the hotel room. She didn’t care as long as he was giving it to her the way she wanted it.
Kelvin wasn’t just himself. He knew something was wrong but he couldn’t place it. He didn’t want to do this but Amara had a great body. She had descended on him the very moment she got into the room.
He raised her left leg to his shoulders and pushed hard. She screamed in both pain and pleasure. This was the third time they were going at it and he was close. He closed his eyes and her picture came to his mind’s eye. She was indeed a goddess.
He closed his mind to the world, to the seductress he was screwing and to the fact that he was becoming someone else.
He saw her smile and that was what it took to force a grunt out of his throat.
He thrusted in three quick succession before pulling out and spraying his jizz all over her stomach.
She picked her phone from the bed and dialled her sister’s number. It was switched off. Gertrude had earlier informed her that she dismissed the policemen that had arrived, claiming they were late and the issue had been resolved. Where was Amara?
She called Kelvin for the 39th time but he wasn’t picking.
What was going on?
She felt something cold running down her forehead and she touched it, then slowly brought her palm down. BLOOD. HER BLOOD.
For the second time, Micheal had made her see blood leaving her body.
She tried to stand up but her strength was failing her
“Oh Lord! Don’t let me die without seeing my sister. She won’t be happy with her for not allowing the police handle her so called boyfriend. Lord please, spare my life, if not for anything, but for my sister’s sake.” She prayed.
She tried ringing the intercom but realised it was among the things Micheal had ruined in her room. She let her tears fall. What was wrong with her marriage? Who has she offended? She didn’t know her place of birth or she would have said that people from her village were the cause of her problems.
She felt dizzy but didn’t stop praying. She would come out of this one. She would survive it.
She sneezed twice and smiled. If Amara was here, she would say that someone was either gossiping with her name or missing her. In her own case, it could be her husband, probably gisting his secretary how he had beaten her using the curtain pole. But who could be missing her? She thought for a while before a smile spread across her face. Phil!
He wasn’t staying here anymore. He has spent an hour here but no one was moving or calling for a tow van.
He looked behind him and thankfully, there was enough space for him to reverse his car. He cursed himself. Why hadn’t he thought about that all these while?
He succeeded in reversing the car and hit the road again only to be interrupted by the ringing of his phone. He smiled broadly as the caller ID flashed on his screen. “BEAUTIFUL ONE”.
” Hello baby”. He said cheerfully
“Phil, please……co..come to the house. Come to ” coughs” come to the house please. ”
And that was it. The call was up. Was she sick? She had given him her house address the day they had lunch together. He drove like a mad man, ignoring the curses people threw at him. It would take him thirty minute to get to lekki but he would get there and know what was wrong with his beautiful princess.
He came out from the bathroom, using a towel to clean his hair. He dumped the towel on a setee and grudgingly sat on the bed.
Yes. His anger was justified. She has no right to leave their matrimonial home. She has no right to be sleeping with another man. He was so sure someone else was sampling her but let him get the [email protected] He would so run him over with his car and proudly tell everyone that he did it.
A horn at the gate startled him and he looked through the window. A silver range rover sport 2016 model was at his gate. What an august visitor. He went to his wardrobe, looking for something nice to wear.
He didn’t drive in. The gate opened and he stepped out of the car and went to the gateman.
“Guraftun uga. Na who you dey fain?”
“Is your madam in? Claire? Is she in?”
“Yesuga. She never comot since morrin.”
He breezed past the gateman and went into the compound. He was impressed but no, he wasn’t here to feed his eyes. He was about going to the front door where he met a lady in her early thirties. She was dressed in a black gown and red apron.
“Excuse me sir. You need help?”
“Yes. I’m Phil, a friend to your madam. She called me and……”
“Oh! I’ll take you to her then.”
“You’re welcome. I’m Gertrude by the way.”
She led him into the house and up the stairs. When they got to Claire’s room, she stopped. She gave him a look before knocking on the door. She repeated it for nearly five minutes and her muscles became tensed.
Phil himself was tired of waiting. He pushed the door and it opened, revealing a mad woman’s room, and of course, the mad woman, lying on the floor in the pool of her own blood.


Micheal came downstairs but there was no visitor in the sitting room. He went outside and the ride was still parked at the entrance of the house. He called on the gateman who came running to him.
“Guraftun uga.”
“Bello where’s the gentleman that parked this car here?”
“Na wan fain uga. Terprude carry yam henter hinsaid.”
Micheal laughed at the way he changed Gertrude’s name.
He began to walk back inside. Maybe he was Gertrude’s lover. He would warn him to stop blocking his entrance.
He got into the sitting room and sat down, smiling at the thought of Gertrude being fu©ked doggie with her big bu++s.
That thought didn’t stay much before he heard footsteps coming down the stairs.
He looked up and was surprised at what he saw.
He entered the room, not minding protocols. He lifted her up and picked her phone which was just lying beside her. Gertrude wouldn’t stop crying.
“You’ll do me a favour huh. Pick some clothings and toiletries and bring them to ” The Blessed” hospital. Hurry up okay.”
“Yes Sir.”
He left the room, carrying Claire, the love of his life and his heartbeat.
He would take this case to court. He swore. He made it downstairs and saw the wife beater staring at him like he had seen a ghost. He passed him without saying a word to him. He would still come back for his head. His priority now was to get Claire to the hospital.
He said it.
Oh Claire! This marriage is as good as over. She had the guts to bring him to his house? What nonsense?
He paced the sitting room, not bothered about the condition of his wife but about the man he had seen, carrying her.
Kelvin came in that moment and without saying a word, started going upstairs. He stopped when he saw blood on the stair and he quickly ran down to Mike.
“Whose blood is that?” He asked
“Finally you decided to talk to me.” Micheal responded.
“The fu©k, whose blood is that?” Kelvin thundered.
Micheal sat down, not bothered about what was happening.
Kelvin knew it that his suspicions were right. He ran upstairs to Claire’s room and his knees buckled. He had killed her. Micheal had killed Claire.
Gertrude, who went to bring mop to clean the room came in. She saw Kelvin kneeling down, clutching Claire’s bedspread.
“You’re here sir.”
Kelvin turned immediately, hoping it would be Claire who was playing such tricks on him.
“Where’s she? Where’s Claire?”
“A man came here and took her to the hospital. I’ve parked a few things for her. Let me tell the girls to come and take care of these then we’ll go together.”
“Okay. I’ll be downstairs.”
He lifted the small box and left the room, anger forming a tent in his throat. Micheal has done enough. He would teach him a lesson.
He got to the sitting room and without a word to Micheal, he picked up the car key he had dropped earlier and left the house.
Gertrude joined him immediately and when he got the name of the hospital, he drove off with Gertrude beside him, praying silently for her boss.
The house was quiet, except for the two girls who were busy in the kitchen preparing God knows what. Kelvin wasn’t picking his calls and it was getting him uncomfortable. He had to leave the house, at least, to get his thinking straight. He picked up his car key and was about leaving when Gertrude came in.
“Good evening sir.”
“Thank you. I thought you decided to go live with your boss and her lover.”
“Madam is at the hospital.”
“Knew you would say that. Anyways, I’m going out. My room needs to be cleaned and I’ll love to have pasta for dinner okay?”
“Alright sir.”
She walked past him and he couldn’t help but stare at her heavy backside. The short black gown she was wearing did little justice to the round balls of a$$.
“Uhm Gertrude”
She turned from the stairs
“Yes sir.”
“You’re going to clean my room right now huh?”
“I’ll love to change to my work clothes first. I……”
“To my room now. I won’t be going out anymore. Go ahead please.”
“Okay sir.”
He smiled to himself. Why hadn’t he noticed this creature since. He smacked his lips lustfully. Tonight’s gonna be a good night.
Phil and Kelvin had bonded immediately they saw each other.
Phil had suggested that they do not discuss anything with Gertrude so she won’t panic. Claire was in coma and the doctor had said she was surviving on a thin rope.
They dismissed Gertrude, assuring her that things would be fine. The lady left, after seeing her boss and saying a little prayer of recovery.
“So how long have you known this Micheal?”
“How long? Like forever. We grew up together.”
“Was he always like this?”
“No. But I’ll talk to him and see that it doesn’t happen again.”
“Had something to eat yet?” Kelvin asked after a brief silence.
“Let’s go out nd find something to eat. It’s been a long day ”
They both left the room, leaving a part of them with the unconscious woman.
“Sir?” Gertrude turned as soon as he touched her waist.
“Sit down Gertrude. I want us to talk.”
She looked at him for a while before settling on the sofa.
Micheal sat on the bed facing her.
“If its about madam, I’m so…….”
“I wanna fu©k you.”
Gertrude stood up, shock and disappointment pitching a tent on her face.
“Sit back Gertrude. We’re both adults and I’m sure uou want it as I do.”
“Sir, I beg to take my leave now.”
She turned to walk out but he drew her back, causing her to land on the bed.
He clutched the neck of her gown and without warning, tore the gown up to bottom.
“I’m your boss and you’ll do as I say.”
The lady was surprised. This wasn’t the man she’d worked for and believed in for years. A man whose wife was at the hospital and he was thinking of having another.
She closed her eyes as he tore at her pant. Lord please, forgive me. She prayed

It’s been two days since Claire got admitted to the hospital. She had given no sign of consciousness but Kelvin and Phil never gave up on her.
On the other hand, Micheal wouldn’t care less. He was yet to know that his wife was in coma. He would be with Sarah during the day, then at night, he would force himself on Gertrude.
It was on the second night after that incident that Amara came back home. She was looking better except for the black spot on her right cheek.
Micheal was seated on his favourite cushion when Amara walked in. She didn’t say a word to him but went straight upstairs.
The house was unusually quiet and her sister’s room was locked.
“Gertrude!” She called out
“Yes madam.”
Amara was back to the sitting room since she couldn’t find anybody upstairs.
“Where’s my sister?”
“She’s at the hospital madam.”
“What? What happened? How?” She looked from Micheal to Gertrude but no answer was coming.
“You, what happened to my sister huh? And since when has she been there?”
“Two days ma.” Gertrude replied.
“What hospital is that?”
“Blessed ma. Kelvin sir and Mr Phil took her there.”
Amara left without wasting time.
Micheal sat up. He was no longer comfortable. He had thought she would have followed her lover home. Why was she still at the hospital? He stood up and went upstairs to change. This wasn’t what he expected. What will people say?
Phil had gone home to change while Kelvin remained with Claire. She looked so innocent and beautiful even though she was out of the world. He would leave the private ward each time the nurses came to clean her up. She now had patches on her face but she was still that woman he so much respected.
Phil came in some minutes later looking clean and refreshed.
“You’re back?”
“Yes.” He said, sitting beside Claire and touching her forehead.
“You’re in love with her right?”
Phil looked at his new friend and nodded.
“But it’s no use. I can’t have her. So its of no use if I love her or not.”
Kelvin gave him a pat on the back.
“Please, you both should take care. I’ve got some important things I need to handle.”
They shook hands and Kelvin left the room, giving Claire a glance. It was time to start dealing with them all. He would make sure she was happy, even if it was the last thing he would do.
Amara stopped at the reception and enquired about Mrs Claire Njama. She was directed to the private ward room C. She opened the door without knocking and couldn’t believe her eyes. Her sister was using a life support machine. A handsome gentleman was sitted on a plastic chair, rubbing her forehead. He must have been occupied in thought because he didn’t hear her come in.
“Excuse me.” Amara said, closing the door behind her.
Phil turned to look at her. He had seen her the other day at the plaza but she was too busy to notice him
“Hey Amara. Hi.” He greeted, standing up.
“You know my name?”
“Yea. Claire told me about you. The day I came around, you were busy.”
“I’m Phil by the way.”
Amara took his hand and shook it. Wow! So her sister really was a player. But one thing though, she has eyes for good things. The three men in her life were all handsome, and judging by Phil’s looks, rich as well.
“Nice meeting you Phil.”
“The pleasure is all mine.” He replied, sitting beside Claire and taking her left hand in his.
Amara watched with interest. This one would definitely be a good catch. Such open show of affection. She was disappointed though because she never believed her sister would cheat on her husband. She too would do same anyways. She’s had Kelvin. Micheal and Phil would definitely join that list.
Micheal opened the door and froze in shock. Reality dawned on him and his senses started to return. He had gone far. She was on a life support machine.
Another thing caught his eyes, he was holding his wife’s hand. This brought anger to him and he knotted a fist, ready to teach this third party a lesson.
While he was busy feasting his eyes, he didn’t see the anger on Phil’s face. He didn’t see that he too was ready to deal him thousand blows.
“What are you doing here?” Phil asked with clenched teeth.
Micheal scoffed.
“She’s my wife and I should be asking you what you’re doing here. Move aside.” Micheal said pushing him aside.
He didn’t see the blow coming. It was when he fell to the marbled floor that he shot his eyes up.
Amara went to Phil, who was ready to land on Micheal.
“Why would you hit him?
“Cause he put her in this condition. He beat her up and left her in that room to die.”

Kelvin got to the house and the first person he met was Gertrude. She was leaving the house.
“Good morning sir.”
“Morning Gertrude. Are you travelling?”
She bent her head and said nothing.
“Is anything the matter? You can talk to me.”
“Sir, I’m leaving the house. Now that madam Amara is back, I think the house is in safe hands.”
“You mean Amara just came home today? And why are you leaving?”
“Sir, please let me go.”
He held her shoulder and she looked up.
“Let’s talk about this inside please.”
He lifted her echolac box and she followed reluctantly.
He sat down on a cushion and she stood facing him.
“Sit down.”
Again, she reluctantly sat opposite him, praying in her mind that Micheal doesn’t come home soon.
“What happened while we were away?”
She began to sob, then a stream of tears followed. Kelvin knew this wasn’t about Claire’s illness. It was more than that.
“He forced himself on me. I thought it was a mistake but no, every night, he would come to my room and treat me like I’m being paid to grace his bed.” She cried
Anger boiled in Kelvin’s heart. This was the height of it. He stood up, turning his hands into fists, thanking the gods that Micheal was far away from him. Both of them would have died together.
“Gertrude, you’re not going anywhere.”
“No Sir. I’m leaving. I can’t stay here. I won’t be able to look at madam in the face anymore. Where and Chika are still here. They can handle things without me. But I just can’t stay here.”
“Please Gertrude. I don’t know the answers I’ll give Claire when she wakes up. Maybe you can tender your resignation to her when she’s healthy but for now, don’t go. There are a thousand and one reasons why you should be here.”
“When madam wakes up? What do you mean?”
“Your boss is in coma.”
“Jesus! But you told me she was fine.”
“Cause I didn’t want you to think about it.”
He went to her and sat down beside her.
“At least, wait till your boss is home. Please.”
He left her and went upstairs to freshen up. Just as he told Phil. He had important things to attend to.
“You mean, he put my sister in this condition?” Amara asked, tearing up immediately
“Now, I give you two minutes to get your cheating self out of this room. Or else…..”
“Or else what?” Micheal said, standing up from where he had fallen.
Amara and Phil looked at him in surprise.
“Look who’s calling me a cheat. Tell me then, what’s the relationship between you and my wife? You think I don’t know?”
Phil smiled, getting Micheal confused.
“Let it kill you dude. If I am married to this woman, who’s lying helplessly on this bed, I’ll never have reasons to cheat on her. But its not yet over. If you don’t play your cards well, I’ll forcefully tear your palms apart and take this woman away from you.”
“Shut up cause I’m not done with you yet. You’re lucky, very very lucky that Claire was in coma when we got here. If her condition was stable enough, I would have come back to that house and beat you up like the over fed baby that you are.”
Micheal was fuming in rage. Who was this man to talk to him this way.
“Look, I don’t care what you have with my wife but you’re forgetting that she’s still my wife.” Micheal barked
“I’m not forgetting that Mr Micheal. But you see, I’m just waiting for her to open her eyes and say the word, then, we’ll battle it out in court. By the way, I’m Barrister Philip and it’s nice meeting you. Don’t worry, the pleasure is all mine.” Phil concluded and walked out.
Wow. He’s a lawyer. Nice one. Amara thought, licking her lips. She heard lawyers were very bad in bed. This one, plus his good looks must be a tiger. She chuckled and looked at Micheal who was looking at Claire.
“I didn’t know you would go this far.” Amara started, causing Micheal to look at her.
“In as much as I want to hate you, for being a thorn in my sister’s flesh but I can’t.”
“Why? I mean, I’ve done enough for you to hate me. Look at Claire. I never planned for all these to happen.” He said soberly.
They didn’t notice her left middle finger move, nor did they notice her furrowed brows.
Amara moved to him, rubbing his chest sensuosly.
“Attend to your wife. We will talk about this at home.” She left the room without looking at her sister.
Micheal stood rooted to the ground. Why would Amara touch him like that? He felt his rod getting hard. He tapped it twice and left the room.
Phil saw Amara leave, a short shike later, Micheal followed. He stood up from the waiting area and headed to the room where the love of his life was.
Kelvin strode into the complex bearing a bouquet. He rehearsed his plans over and over again. He already paid for a week stay in one of the best hotels in town. He would play this game, as long as he gets to teach Micheal a lesson.
He got to her floor and stepped out of the elevator. He scanned the room and found her on her desk, applying eyeliner to her bleached face.
He wore a practised smile and went to her desk, taping the desk to get her attention.
She looked up and smiled at him, then her face turned sour.
“Good morning Kelvin.”
“Morning my beautiful one. You’re not excited to see your prince charming huh?” He felt like throwing up cause of the words he was using on her but who sigh? He had to get used to that.
“You’ve refused to take my calls and reply my messages. Made me feel cheap.”
Of course you’re a cheap woman. He said in his thoughts.
He dropped the bouquet on her table and her face lit up.
“I travelled back home to tell my dad that I’ll be bringing home a bride. Plus Claire fell ill so I’ve not had time for my phone.”
Out of all he said, it was the first sentence that got her up and hugging him, not minding the preying eyes of one of the secretaries.
“You already told your dad about me?”
“Of course my love. And guess the sweetest part, I’ve planned a one week get away for us. I just need you to do one thing for me.”
“A week get away? Tell me already.”
“Don’t say a word of this to your boss. I’ll drop you here every morning and pick you once its closing hour. It’s just you and I, for one week. ”
She hugged him again and pecked his cheek.
“That won’t be a problem sweedy. I’m all yours for keeps.”
“Good. After our get away, I’ll tell him about us, then, I’ll take you home with me, to meet my dad.”
“I’m so lucky.”
“Yes you are. I’ll pick you up at seven. Get your thongs ready and send me your house address okay?”
They shared a quick kiss before he left, using his handky to wipe his mouth throughout the ride home.


Phil walked into the room focusing his eyes on the woman of his dreams.
He sat on the bed beside her and took her hand in his. To his surprise, she held on tight.
“Claire. Are you there?” He asked, moving closer.
Slowly, she opened her eyes and gave him a weak smile.
He leaned into her, not allowing his entire weight to fall on her.
“I’ve missed you my love.”
Claire let her hands go around him, returning his hugs.
“I missed you too Phil.” She said in a whisper.
“I’ll call the doctor. Hang on okay?” He wiped the stray tear that had fallen and with a smile, left the room.
Claire closed her eyes. If she’d heard right, her own sister was indirectly inviting her husband to her body. She smiled, a smile of defeat. They’ve really defeated her. She’d lost out, her marriage, her family, she’d lost it all.
Amara walked into the room in a transparent nightie. Her huge melons and pointed erasers were very much in view. Her flat tummy which had a hidden navel, and then the shaved kitty. This room used to belong to her sister but if she played her cards well, she could make it hers. Micheal stared lustfully at his sister in law. She was a bi+ch and it took him this long to see that she had the food he eats.
“So tell me Micheal, how long have you been shaging your secretary.”
He sat up on the bed. The room suddenly became hot despite the air con that was raised to 32. He swallowed hard, feeling his ere©tion.
“Uhm. Amara we, uhm. See, I ……..” He stuttered.
“Oops. Do you now stammer, or you’re just so excited to see this body?” She asked, coming close to the already h•rny man.
He reached out to touch her but she slapped his hand away.
“What do you wanna do? Touch me? Huh”
He became confused. What then does she want if not to eat from same pot with her sister.
“I’ve got a price tag honey. You’re a dog and I can’t just give myself to you for nothing.”
“Five hundred. Five hundred thousand.” He said with pleading eyes.
“Just because it’s your first time.” She said, tearing the nightie from top to bottom and placing her right foot on the bed.
“Eat me out.” She ordered.
“Can I get another room Phil?” Claire asked as soon as the doctor and his ashebis (nurses) left.
“But why? Here is good enough.”
“I know. I don’t just want them coming back here. I don’t want to see them until I’m discharged.”
Phil heaved a sigh and took her hand.
“I understand you baby but he’s still your husband no matter what happens and I’m certain you love him. This things would sort themselves out. Just give it time.” Phil said bitterly
“I used to do all that. I used to love him, I used to adore him and I’m tired of seeing his cursed face. Phil, I’m hungry.”
He smiled at her and rubbed her forehead.
“You’re a cute little girl you know.”
“And I also know that you love me Phil.”
They looked at themselves, words failing them at that moment.
It took the entrance of a nurse to get them out of their trance.
“What do you want to eat?”
He asked while the nurse checked her blood pressure.
“Anything would do please.I can swallow a cow right now.”
He smiled and was about leaving before the nurse stopped him.
“I’m sorry sir but you should know that your wife is only allowed to take light meals for now.”
Claire and Phil locked eyes again as she called her his wife. There was a smile on Phil’s face as he longed for it to come through.
“I’m nurse Abigail by the way and I’ll be taking care of your wife until she’s discharged.” The nurse concluded with a smile
“Thanks nurse Abigail but you should know that she’s not……..”
“Comfortable here. I need another room.” Claire interrupted, not allowing Phil finish his statement.
“Alright. I’ll see that it’s done right away.” She nodded and left the couple in silence.
“Help me up Phil. I want to sit up.”
He went to her and helped her up, propping the pillow in her back.
“Don’t say anything, don’t ask any questions. Just make me happy. Or, don’t I deserve happiness?” She adjusted, pushing back the pillow and returning her gaze to Phil.
“I know you’ve been here. I’m sure you never spent a long time outside this hospital since I was brought here. I’m not asking for much Phil, just happiness.” She pleaded, forcing the tears not to fall, holding back.
He looked at her one more time and left the room. How can she be begging him for something he’d made up his mind to do for her? Why did he listen to her beg him? She deserved it all and more. Happiness and all there is. She didn’t need to beg. He would make her happy, and he might be lucky enough if she falls in love with him.
Gertrude was going to Amara’s room. The young bossette had requested for bread toast immediately she came back. The girls had helped her with it and now, she was taking it to her.
Approaching the bosses’ room, she tried to tiptoe pass it so he won’t here her but then, a strange noise was coming from within. Listening carefully, she realised it was the sound of bodies slapping together and the mixtures of moans and grunts. Her boss was at it again. She wondered which of the two girls he was screwing at the moment. She shook it off and continued on her errand.
She got to Amara’s room and much to her surprise, the door was open. She stepped in, dropped the tray and arranged the room the best way she could. She checked the bathroom but it as also empty.
She locked the door and started going downstairs, following the second stair in order to avoid hearing the sounds.
It was only her successful trip to the kitchen to find the two girls that she knew who was in Michael’s room.
Now, it’s obvious, he’s a cursed man.

He pulled out, spraying his jinx all over her backside before raising his face. He looked at the wall clock, just to be sure that the hidden camera was still there.
“That was terrific honey. You’re the bomb.” Sarah said out of breath.
“And you’re the best. So, does your boss do you this good?”
Sarah frowned. Why was he always talking about him?
She straddled his leg, silently praying for the *junior* to wake up.
“Its the two of us now honey. I swear with my life, I’ll never be with anyone else apart from you.”
“I promise baby.”
He nodded, his colleague at the bottom nodding in approval.
“Come here. I need those cute legs on my shoulders.”
She smiled too. She’s met her match.
Amara walked into the kitchen where Gertrude was cutting okro. She was putting on one of Micheal’s shirts. It was time to show everyone that very soon, she would be running the affairs of this house.
“What are you doing?” She asked.
Gertrude stood up, surprised at her outfit.
“Are you deaf or dumb?”
“Okro soup ma. It’s for lunch.”
“Rubbish. I’ll have indomie peppersoup and grilled fish. Make mango juice with a pinch of salt. I’ll be down by one on the dot. Ask Ebere to get me hot water and a piece of towel. My back aches.” She turned and walked out of the kitchen, leaving Gertrude speechless.
She went back upstairs to Micheal’s room.
“Hey.” She bolted the door.
“You’re up. Thought we’ll be in bed all day.” Micheal said from the bed, stifling a yawn.
“No honey. My back aches and I’m so so hungry right now.”
“Have you asked them to prepare something for you? Or shall we eat out?”
“I’ve told Gertrude. I’ll just wait.”
“Alright. Let me get some work done online. I’ll see you when lunch is served.”
He quickly wrote a cheque and gave it to her. She left the room without saying a word.
As soon as she got to her room, she almost ran mad with joy. Eight hundred thousand, just for a night.
Claire! You should die please.
He fed her, satisfaction gleaming in her eyes.
They had been moved upstairs and he had called kelvin to inform him.
“I’m okay Phil.”
“I’m not sure about that baby. Have two more spoons.”
“I’m not a baby.” She said with a frown.
“But you’re my baby. Come on.”
She pouted her lips and looked at him. He was everything her husband was not.
“I’ll finish it if you’ll give me my phone.”
“Oh please. I won’t do that.”
“Then go with the food and watch your baby die of starvation.” She said with a smirk.
“Jeez. You’re in a hospital and blackmailing me huh?’
“I’m a very good business woman.”
They both laughed and he continued feeding her afterwhich he began to eat his own lunch.
“I want to go home.” Claire suddenly said.
Phil looked at her like she was crazy and went back to his meal
“I’ve got lots of work to do and I want to be in my house. I need to show them how strong I’ve become.”
“Claire you just woke up today.”
“And I assure you that I’m fine. I’m fine, trust me.”
He put away his meal and went close to her.
“I don’t want anything to happen to you. I won’t be able to forgive myself if you come back to the hospital again.”
She held his hands and gave it a reassuring squeeze.
“You can ask the doctor to assign a nurse that will be coming to the house to treat me. I don’t want to stay here anymore. I feel as if the more I stay here, the more damages that is done to my home. Please.”
He heaved a sigh and nodded.
“I’ll go and speak to the doctor then.”
“That will be after I’ve fed you. Pass me the plate.”


“You’re dressed. Are you going somewhere?” Micheal asked
“Yes. I’ll go to the hospital to see Claire and after that, I’ve got personal stuffs to handle.” Amara replied, sipping her coffee.
“Oh! I’m also going to the hospital. I’ll leave for the office from there.”
“I’ll ride with you then.” She said, wiping her mouth with a serviette and getting up.
She was dressed in a yellow peplon gown. Her Chanel handbag was on the table as she slipped her feet into her peeptoe heels.
She was dressed very formal and she had her reasons.
“Shall we?” Micheal asked and she confirmed by leading the way.
“Are you ready baby?” Kelvin asked, looking himself over
“Yes hun.” Sarah replied from the inner room.
She came out, dressed for work.
“So how do I look?’ She did a spin for him
“As breathtaking as always. Come, I don’t want you late for work.”
He kissed her and they left the room.
Sarah was having the fun of her life. He was such a gentleman and a tiger in bed. She called herself lucky, promising to put an end to her wayward lifestyle.
He had gone home last night after she had persisted. And this morning, he was on his way to the hospital. He couldn’t get a good night rest. He couldn’t stop thinking about her; if she was comfortable, if she had eaten the food he had bought for her, or the beverages and provisions that were stocked in the cupboard. She was his life and he would do anything to make her happy.
The doctor had agreed to discharge her today because she was surprisingly strong and healthy. He would take her home and if Micheal tried to do anything funny, he would take her away.
He drove into the hospital premises and looked for a parking space. He alighted from his car and began to walk to the reception.
“How dare you? She’s my wife and I demand to see her now. You can’t change her room without my permission.” Micheal barked.
Nurse Abigail was surprised. How can he be claiming someone else’s wife, little wonder the laddy asked that her room be changed. She rolled her eyes at him and went back to the pamphlet she was reading.
Amara couldn’t take it anymore. She slammed her hand on the table, startling the nurses.
“I demand to be taken to my sister right now or I’ll have your jobs.”
“Excuse me madam. This hospital does not condone noise making. Your sister asked that her room be changed because she doesn’t want disturbances. I’ll advise you leave now before I call the security on you.” Nurse Abigail said
“How dare you low life, you ………”
“Amara!” Phil called out
She turned to him, ignoring the nurse.
“What’s going on here?” What’s happening?”
“Thank God you’re here. Can you imagine this thing, this sorry excuse of a woman, stopping me from seeing my sister, my own sister.”
“Yes madam. I’ll stop you from seeing her because the health of our patients are our top priority. I’m sure my patient is trying to run away from your loud mouth.” She looked at Phil and calmed her nerves while Amara growled in anger.
“Sir, he’s claiming to be her husband and I can’t let them in because I know they’re both lying and can be dangerous to the health of my patient, your wife.”
Her words startled both Amara and Micheal and they turned to Phil for answers.
“It’s okay nurse. I’ll handle it.”
He turned to the two and without a word, stepped outside. Whatever they were to discuss, would definitely be outside.
Out of impulse, they followed him and stopped when he stopped in front of his car.
“Why would she call her your wife?” Amara asked.
“Claire doesn’t want to see anyone, I’m sorry for the inconvenience but………”
“I see you two are up to something. It’s good though but I won’t stress myself over a woman who’s as shameless as that. Amara, I’m outta here.” Micheal said and walked out
“Hmmm. You’re doing a good job Phil. I love your courage. You’re fighting for your lover and I’m really jealous.”
She brought out a paper and handed it to him.
“Call me. We need to talk.”
And without another word, she left to Micheal’s waiting car.

He got to the room and saw her sitting on the visitor’s chair. She was dressed in an orange gown and black ladies pams. Her hair was in a messy bun. Her box of clothes and bag of provision were already parked. He smiled
“Is that how eager you are to leave here?”
She’s turned and gave him a smile. Her face was getting back its colour and she had a little make up on
“Good morning dear.”
She stood up and gave him a long hug.
“Morning baby. How was your night?” He asked, helping her to sit back.
“I slept well.”
“Good. Who helped you park?”
“Nurse Abigail. She’s a darling.”
“Speaking of which, Micheal and Amara were here some minutes ago. Your darling nurse gave them a tough time.”
To his surprise, Claire started laughing. He watched her laugh with admiration, her dimples making her more beautiful.
“How was their reaction. Did Amara shout? I’m sure Micheal will be boiling in rage now.” She started laughing ago, tears forming at the edges of her eyes.
“I can’t believe this. They called my wife his wife? God [email protected] it!” He cursed.
He was driving to his office. He had dropped Amara at the junction and continued on his way. He was sure to kill anyone who came close to him at the moment.
He got to his office complex and drove in, parking his car in his own space. He would concentrate on work, and Sarah would help him ease his stress. She would be angry with him for neglecting her all these while.
He picked his iPhone 6s and did a transfer into her account immediately.
A million naira is sure to do a lot of changes to her mind.
He got down from his car and looked himself over. Claire can get stuck in the hospital for all he cares.
He was surprised that she was not on her desk yet. That was so unlike her. He was about asking one of the other secretaries when she walked out. He heaved a sigh. She was only in the restroom.
She was looking so different in her knee length black skirt and a green chiffon top which was neatly tucked with no stray lines. Her weave on were nearly brushed to a side of her neck. She smiled at him and opened the door of his office for him.
He went in and bolted it from inside.
“Good morning Sir. How was your night?” She asked formally
“Hmmm Sarah. My night was empty without you. Come here.”
He pushed her to himself and noticed she was hesitant.
“I know you’re angry with me. I’ve not called or texted to check on you and your anger is justified believe me. Claire has been in the hospital and………”
“I’ve mailed your activities for the day Sir. Your iced tea is on the table. The accountant will see you in an hour and your first meeting for the day is in exactly three hours, ten minutes.” She said, looking into her wristwatch professionally.
Micheal was surprised. He moped at her and they shared gazes for a while before she spoke up again.
“If there’s nothing else sir, I beg to take my leave.” She waited for a response and when she got none, she left the office, swaying her hips to an imaginary music playing in her head alone.
She stepped out of the office and heaved a sigh. It was going to be difficult to resist him. He was looking so handsome today. Her phone rang and she went to get it from her handbag. The call ended before she fished the phone out.
She looked at her notification tab and hissed. Mtn and their yeye call. She discovered she had a message waiting for her.
She opened it and was surprised.
Micheal had transfered a million naira to her while Kelvin had sent her a multi media message which showed a gold engagement ring. Her heart did somersaults as she wondered which of the two friends she would go for.
“Breakfast at seaman and then I’ll drive you home.” Phil said.
They were stuck in traffic at the mainland bridge. Parents were going home after school run so it was normal for the road to be tight by that time of the morning.
“I’ve never been to seaman.” She said
“You’ll love it. A friend of mine inherited it from the mum so I tried it out some time last month. You’ll love it.”
“If you say so.”
A strange silence fell in the car as they stared at each other, lost for words.
The morning breeze of november plus the air condition in the car joined forces to bring them closer.
Phil leaned to her and she saw herself going to meet him
Eyes met eyes and understood both hearts. Their lips met and they savoured the taste of their lips.
It was happening. Their first kiss.

They had their first kiss
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